Ever since I can remember, creating new things has been my favourite pastime. As a curious child, I loved to invent and explore the world through books and different cultures.

During my teenage years, my interests expanded to painting and music-making. In my twenties, I created animated websites, left art school, and studied visual communication design. Since then, designing and coding websites for creative companies has been one of my main pursuits. Over the past 20 years, I have produced more than 130 websites, currently under the banner of Common Studio.

I fell in love with American vernacular jazz dance in 2013, and it has become an important part of my life. I've taught many swing dance classes and private lessons, and I am an active social dancer. The swing dance community has become a vital part of my personal life.

I returned to creating artwork in 2016, focusing primarily on watercolor and gouache. I then started a series which I call the Black & White series. Since 2018, I have also embraced oil painting.

Appropriation is a key element in my creative discipline, whether it's a word game, a painting, or an idea to combine two distinct elements. I view my paintings as simple, dreamy, and moody.

Today, I introduce myself as a creative coder and an artist. I have been living and working in London since 2019.