My Roles Lead UX/UI Designer Creative Coder Lead Developer Producer Creative Director
Client Wiseslang
Date 2020

Design Process

Wiseslang is a curated multidisciplinary collaboration platform. The website was expected to reflect their creativity.

The website has a quite small site map

As a team of 4 people, we experimented with ThreeJs and WebGL before diving into the UI design.

Approved UI design

Mobile First

We put mobile experience first when it came to designing. The mobile experience is as smooth as the desktop version.

Designing with Code

We started coding the initial design. As we coded and tested, made a bunch of improvements on the design. Got rid of the ThreeJS part and instead, we improved the WebGL idea on the menu and applied to the rest of the website.

The development stack:
– WordPress as CMS
– Vanilla JS
– WebGL
– Sass
– Gulp